Mouse (thedigitalpimp) wrote,

OOC: Why am I doing this instead of my homework.

antarianmax -- Hail to the king, and stuff. Mouse is part of the Antar group and will do stuff even if it results in breakage that his mun DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO FIX.
in_it -- Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. Mouse trusts him, and sometimes that is a dumb idea because Largeman meddles and says things that result in bad. (Not that it was his fault.)
iwasalevel6 -- Tony is kind of like that older brother you don't see very much and when you do says things that you actually sort of listen to. Um. That made more sense in my head.
obligatoryass -- I really, really love this friendship. Because Logan is the ultimate badass cool kid and Mouse is your basic nerd and, well ... if Mouse went to Neptune High, he would be chillin' with Mac (and if I ever wrote this as an AU fic [which I really doubt I will], they'd totally be dating skdjfa OTP except not because Veronica/Mac is pretty hot) and Logan would be ignoring him.
pvccladheroine -- OMG THE HOT. Not that he would ever say that to her because she could snap him in half. Also he thinks about Trinity/Switch. You know that's hot. Come on.
shelley_winters -- Um. This probably needs another post, and should be addressed at some point, but not after midnight.
xan_shaped -- For a while there Xander was kind of his Katin, but in a less intellectual way. This probably means something about shirts or giant crabs. And yet Xander/Mouse is not Katin/the Mouse. Perhaps if they were still talking a lot it might have been. It definitely would have been if Mouse had kissed back. Which he totally could have if the situation had been just a little bit different. And there was that whole Shelley-slash-Sariel thing.

There was more, but I have essays (emphasis on the last letter) to write.
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