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hard at work.

(no pun intended.)

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MOUSE: "If you'd like to meet her... I could arrange a much more personalized milieu."
TRANSLATION: "Hey Neo, want some freaky digital sex with this chick I made?"

The youngest member of the Nebuchadnezzar crew, Mouse made programs for the training systems and pondered the important questions in life, such as how the machines knew what Tastee Wheat tasted like. His claim to fame was creating the Woman in Red, the sexiest program ever. Mouse found out too late that the system had been altered due to Cypher's betrayal and found a brick wall where a window should have been. He is dead from SWAT team.

Then he came to Milliways.


Mouse is from the film The Matrix. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. Although he looks like a teenager, he is actually in his early twenties. Really pale. Cute, in a scrawny sort of way.

He was canon broken about a day after he entered Milliways, so feel free to recognize him from the movies. He's seen the first film, but he doesn't really know much about the sequels.


This is a role-playing journal for milliways_bar. Mouse belongs to the Wachowskis, Village Roadshow, and Warner Brothers Pictures. He is played by Matt Doran. I am not Matt, I don't own Mouse, and I'm not making any money.
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