Mouse (thedigitalpimp) wrote,

OOC: The back cover of Nova.

I have too much free time.

* * *

A thousand years from now, among the stars of the Pleiades to the suns of the Outer Colonies, Captain Lorq Von Ray and the starship Roc race Prince and Ruby Red, of Red-Shift, Ltd., for the trans-uranic element "illyrion," power source for the glittering tomorrow. Lorq Von Ray is scarred from an earlier clash with the Reds. With his artificial arm, Prince has committed unspeakable evils. Caught up in the conflict are --

• The Mouse, a gypsy youth, who learned to play the sensory-syrynx in the back alleys of Istanbul.
• Lynceos and Idas, twins, one black, one white, with their secret blissful history.
• Katin, who has recorded thousands of notes for this novel, but has not written the first page.
• Sebastian, with his shadowy pets, and Tyy, whose cards have an unknown connection with the future.

Filled with adventures, mysteries, and marvels, Nova is a compelling vision of the web and ways in which society, labor, and art interconnect.
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