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OOC: Why am I doing this instead of my homework.

antarianmax -- Hail to the king, and stuff. Mouse is part of the Antar group and will do stuff even if it results in breakage that his mun DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO FIX.
in_it -- Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. Mouse trusts him, and sometimes that is a dumb idea because Largeman meddles and says things that result in bad. (Not that it was his fault.)
iwasalevel6 -- Tony is kind of like that older brother you don't see very much and when you do says things that you actually sort of listen to. Um. That made more sense in my head.
obligatoryass -- I really, really love this friendship. Because Logan is the ultimate badass cool kid and Mouse is your basic nerd and, well ... if Mouse went to Neptune High, he would be chillin' with Mac (and if I ever wrote this as an AU fic [which I really doubt I will], they'd totally be dating skdjfa OTP except not because Veronica/Mac is pretty hot) and Logan would be ignoring him.
pvccladheroine -- OMG THE HOT. Not that he would ever say that to her because she could snap him in half. Also he thinks about Trinity/Switch. You know that's hot. Come on.
shelley_winters -- Um. This probably needs another post, and should be addressed at some point, but not after midnight.
xan_shaped -- For a while there Xander was kind of his Katin, but in a less intellectual way. This probably means something about shirts or giant crabs. And yet Xander/Mouse is not Katin/the Mouse. Perhaps if they were still talking a lot it might have been. It definitely would have been if Mouse had kissed back. Which he totally could have if the situation had been just a little bit different. And there was that whole Shelley-slash-Sariel thing.

There was more, but I have essays (emphasis on the last letter) to write.
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Hee, I know, but at Milliways, it's Logan whose sort of outside, and Mouse was all there for him, and it's just too cool.

And I just love Mouse on general principles, so, yeah.
Milliways: Bringing nerds and bad boys together since 2004.

I love Logan, but not in a fangirl way. (Except for the illegal homeless boxing thing. Favorite sport ever!) I don't think he's the best character on the show and LoVe makes me throw up a little in my mouth, but he's fucked up and interesting and ... well, he's totally cute.

Also: I would so tag back, but asdkhfadf essays and slkfgfj with the not understanding Macbeth and if I tagged back I'd end up just threading all night.
Hee! I like Logan/Veronica, because it's just totally fucked up and won't work ever. I like his character progression and how he's portrayed, but there are definitely more interesting characters. Logan just happens to live in my head for some reason.

No worries. I should read comm theory, but no. I'm giving Lilly woe.
Logan: He's like Jesus, in a way.

See, I like Flashback!Logan/Lilly and V/D (best pairing name EVER - why fall in LoVe when you can get VD?) and nevergoingtohappenincanon!L/D and L/Weevil and any femslash I can find and Logan/Veronica just seems eh. I do like the wrongness of it, sometimes, but when it's like OMGWOOBIELOGAN and OMGHEISSOPERFECTFORVERONICA I'm just like ... no. Because he's NOT perfect for her, and that's the point, and this love triangle thing makes me go >:|. Plus -- and this comparison totally annoys me, but it's kind of accurate at the moment -- I feel the same way about Logan as I felt about Spike. OMG with the badass but in the end I prefer Angel or Duncan/Weevil/Whoever.

Whyyyyyyy am I not doing my homework :((
Hee! Logan and Lilly are teh awesomeness, and Veronica and Duncan are seriously cute. But yeah, Woobie Logan is just not. The point. I wish I were better at asshole Logan, actually - mine always seems a little mild, but then, I like to say Milliways makes him that way. Hee. VD. I'm going to giggle about that for ages, but the LoVe thing makes me ill.

Logan/Weevil, though, is wrong and hot. It doesn't get any better than that, and if we had a Weevil, I'd be having serious tendencies to write my first gay boy.

I like Spike, but not for Buffy, not long-term. Maybe that's how I feel about Logan and Veronica. How's that?

Because MacBeth, while awesome, is hard to analyze.

And hee, icon. Now I want Spike/Logan for some twisted reason.
I have been tempted to app Weevil in the past. But with Lilly in the bar it would be Bad. Also, Beaver.

asdfjad Vamp!Logan ahahaha ♥

Not long-term!Logonica works for me. Can you tell I enjoy comparing fictional characters to other fictional characters? Logan/Veronica/Duncan = Logan/Jean Grey/Scott? Yes pls. Except totally not, but OMG COME ON IT'S AWESOME.

I hope Logan doesn't get a chip :((
Bad? Only in the BEST possible way!

Hee, vamp!Logan would be SO MUCH FUN.

I picked up on that whole comparison thing somewhere along the line.

Also, did you mean Wolverine there, instead of the second Logan?
"You tore my heart out. You can act like what we had together meant nothing to you, but you can't stop me from loving you. For the rest of your life, wherever you go, I'll always be there. Just out of sight, in the shadows." The gunslingers would KICK HIS ASS.

I can see it now, omg. adjfsg if I had a strong Logan voice I would write it.

Wolverine, yeah. Technically he is a Logan too. And I know it doesn't work because Scott-Wolverine =/= Duncan-Logan but I don't know. It's 2:25 and I can't write about Malcolm without thinking of Mouse.
They would. But he might like it...

Heh, I don't think I could, but it would be so awesome.

*pets* I'll stop tagging so you can work and someday sleep.
God, and do I need to address her side. I will as soon as RL gives me a thinking space.

*Glares at her* Stop going off on tangents, Shelley.

I ponder how Trinity would react to Mouse writing fic in his head about her and Switch.

She'd probably laugh.