Mouse (thedigitalpimp) wrote,

Room 707.

Mouse told himself he wasn't going to watch it anymore. Once is enough.

And yet there it is.

Scene 23.

(glitch in the matrix)

And there she is, beautiful and blonde and leggy, and oh god he remembers.

Both of them
(which one is really him?)
are staring at her, and then there's Tank

(it's a trap)

and there's Apoc and Switch and that fucking traitor and he can't look at them and

deja vu.

It's him again, and

they cut the hard line
it's a trap
get out!


brick wall


oh no

and he hears himself yell
and he watches himself shaking
and he sees the blood spilling from his mouth
and dyingdyingohgoddyingagain he's dead.

And then he watches it again
(and again) (and again)
and he wonders if it might be his fault.
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